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Learn about our newest products and be the first to hear of updates.  Check out some of the news in air quality science and monitoring.

2b tech instruments make an appearance on the today show!

Several of 2B Tech’s portable air monitoring instruments have recently been featured in the press as part of an effort to raise awareness to growing air quality concerns.

Ozone Disinfection to Combat Viruses and Protect Human Health

Ozone deactivates viruses!  You need the answers to 2 questions when you use ozone to disinfect your living and working spaces: Is the ozone concentration high enough to destroy the...

Particulate Pollution Suppresses Photosynthesis on a Continental Scale

Satellite data show that throughout Europe, vegetation “breathes” better on weekends because of reduced particulate pollution…

2B Tech Instruments Team up to Measure Emissions from Inland Shipping on the Rhine River

Study takes first extensive look at a mode of commerce that’s expected to grow…

Meet our Manufacturing Assistant: Chenda Savath

Chenda Savath brings a knack for building things to 2B Tech…

The AQSync Comes up in Senate Hearing on Sensors

2B Tech’s AQSync came up during a recent Senate hearing on the future of sensors in air quality monitoring…

2B Tech’s aqsync extends air monitoring to communities

Our AQEarth-Atlanta partners were recently featured in an article describing their incredible work to assess and address local environmental injustices

2B Tech Spotlight – We’ve Launched Our new website!

We have a whole new look in line with our recent rebranding efforts… but more important, we’ve streamlined the content and updated the layout.

Atmospheric News – Satellite Debris increasingly works its way into the air

A new study published last fall in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked at the most common type of particles in the stratosphere, using an ultra-sensitive instrument aboard a high-altitude research aircraft to “fingerprint” the particles’ chemical composition.

Meet our production manager – Logan Miskowiec

Employee Spotlight: Meet our Production Manager

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Increase Your Air Quality Impact: The 2B Tech Ozone Module + Clarity

2B Tech has adapted our AQLite Basic Air Monitoring Package and made it compatible with Clarity’s nodes. It has never been easier to make FEM-quality ozone measurements in remote locations while being able to access the data from anywhere in the world.

Use of Sensors in Air Quality Measurements

Use of Sensors in Air Quality Measurements

Over the past few years there has been an enormous surge in interest in the application of low-cost sensors to measurements of air pollutants by educators, citizen scientists and members of various groups interested in air pollution levels in their own communities. 

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