Product Warranty
Warranty policy for all 2B Tech products.

Seller warrants that (a) all goods will be free from defect in design, workmanship and materials, and when used in accordance with Seller’s instructions and requirements for operation of the goods, will perform in accord with Seller’s published technical specifications; and, (b) services will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner consistent with generally accepted industry standards (“Warranty”).

Any warranty claim must be made in writing delivered to Seller. The Warranty for goods is valid for claims received by Seller within twelve (12) months from shipped date of the affected goods. Warranty period may be longer if an Extended Warranty has been purchased or is inherent to a specific product. Provided, however, if the failure of the product or service is in any manner related to the conduct of Buyer, or if Buyer attempts to repair or have the product repaired by anyone other than Seller, without the written authorization of the Seller, this limited warranty is void and Seller has no further obligation to Buyer hereunder.

This warranty excludes replacement of photomultiplier tubes, GM tubes, and proportional tubes, and scintillation crystals which are broken due to excessive physical abuse or used for purposes other than intended.