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Ambient Air Measurements

Measure air quality in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  2B Tech instruments are designed to be lightweight and to operate reliably with minimal power requirements, opening the door for research applications where deployment of conventional air pollution monitoring equipment is not possible.

EPA Designated FEM Products

Our low-concentration ambient ozone monitors are designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as Federal Equivalent Methods (FEMs).  The Model 205 Dual Beam Ozone Monitor offers the highest precision and baseline stability, while the Model 211 and 211-G Ozone Monitors are ideal when the primary concern is minimizing interferences from UV-absorbing species such as aromatic VOCs or mercury.  Our handheld, battery-operated Personal Ozone Monitor (POM, at ~1 lb “the world’s smallest ozone monitor”) is also a FEM and works on the same principle as other ozone instruments in our lineup.

Trusted by Professionals

Our ozone calibration instruments deliver known concentrations of ozone for field and laboratory calibrations of ozone monitors, or for research projects. Agencies operating 2B Tech instruments include the National Forest Service, National Park Service, NOAA, and British Antarctic Survey.

Go Anywhere

Because of their low power requirements, compact size, and low weight, 2B Tech instruments and packages are widely used in remote locations and on platforms where deployment of conventional air monitoring instruments is not possible. 

Extreme Environments

Produce long-term, stable and precise measurements in environments ranging from the Antarctic winter to summer in the hot desert sun of Death Valley.

Aircraft & Balloons

Gather measurements and vertical profiling using kites and balloons, where high spatial resolution requires a fast response time.

Indoor Air Quality

Instruments based on UV absorbance provide more accurate measurements than electrochemical or solid-state sensors in monitoring indoor air.

Roadside Monitoring

For monitoring exposure to air pollutants along roadsides, rely on instruments that make precise and accurate measurements of NO2 & NO.

Air Pollution Monitoring

  • Make FEM ozone measurements, using instruments in configurations ranging from handheld to rackmount
  • Carry out roadside monitoring of NO2/NO/NOx (FEM for NO2) using versatile air monitoring solutions such as our AQSync and Model 405 nm
  • Make co-located measurements of multiple pollutants with our instrument/sensor packages

Field Measurements & Research

  • Deploy in harsh environments or where power is limited
  • Obtain vertical profiles using balloons & aircraft
  • Make mobile measurements using handheld or vehicle-mounted instruments (e.g., our PAM in the CarTopper enclosure, or our POM)
  • Make robust stationary measurements in long-term field campaigns
  • Measure emissions from industrial, oil & gas, or construction applications

Community Engagement

  • Develop student projects for environmental education
  • Establish community monitoring projects for citizen scientists
  • Carry out monitoring in municipalities
  • Augment regional AQ monitoring in areas with sparse data coverage

Indoor Air Quality

  • Monitor air quality in the workplace for ozone, particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury, and a variety of other pollutants
  • Monitor personal exposure to ozone, PM, or mercury with our handheld instruments
  • Carry out health studies in laboratory or real-world settings

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