Air Monitoring Solutions
for Communities & Education

Many of our products were designed with students and communities in mind.  Easy to use, our handheld monitors and fixed-site air quality monitoring systems are ideal for engaging non-experts while providing meaningful data to monitor, study, and understand local air quality issues as well as air quality inside homes, classrooms, and other indoor spaces.

EPA Designated FEM Products

Our low-concentration ambient ozone monitors are designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as Federal Equivalent Methods (FEMs).  The Model 205 Dual Beam Ozone Monitor offers the highest precision and baseline stability, while the Model 211 and 211-G Ozone Monitors are ideal when the primary concern is minimizing interferences from UV-absorbing species such as aromatic VOCs or mercury.  Our handheld, battery-operated Personal Ozone Monitor (POM, at ~1 lb “the world’s smallest ozone monitor”) is also a FEM and works on the same principle as other ozone instruments in our lineup.

Trusted by Professionals

Our ozone calibration instruments deliver known concentrations of ozone for field and laboratory calibrations of ozone monitors, or for research projects. Agencies operating 2B Tech instruments include the National Forest Service, National Park Service, NOAA, and British Antarctic Survey.

Go Anywhere

Because of their low power requirements, compact size, and low weight, 2B Tech instruments and packages are widely used in remote locations and on platforms where deployment of conventional air monitoring instruments is not possible. 

Hyperlocal Monitoring Solutions

Capture quality data, informing decision-making and keeping workers and communities safe.

Engage Your Community

Easy to use instruments let others learn more about the air quality of your community

Make a Difference

Gather air quality data to bring about positive changes in your community.

Community Air Monitoring

  • Empower communities and “citizen-scientists” to gather data that enables them to advocate for their health and safety
  • Fill in gaps in the monitoring of criteria pollutants (ozone, NO2, particulate matter)
  • Identify the local hot spots for pollutant exposure
  • Monitor pollutants during high interest times such as during wildfire season

Schools & Universities

  • Use 2B Tech’s highly portable instruments in university research projects on a variety of air quality-related topics
  • Inspire the next generation of air quality scientists through projects at middle schools, high schools, and colleges
  • Collaborate with other institutions on projects involving research into the causes for certain types of air pollution

Indoor Air Quality

  • Study the impacts of outside air quality on indoor air quality, such as on high-ozone days during ozone season
  • Monitor for elevated particle pollutants generated by gas- or wood-burning stoves
  • Detect elevated CO2 in classrooms or crowded indoor spaces, which can lead to cognitive decline

Awareness & Accessibility

  • Raise awareness and involvement of students, parents, and community members in air quality issues that affect their health
  • Remove barriers to gathering meaningful air quality data by non-experts
  • Make science accessible to the broader population and empower citizen-scientists

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