Instruments to suit Every Application

At 2B Tech, we design and deliver a variety of industry-leading air monitoring solutions for a wide range of air monitoring challenges and applications. Delivering quality, reliable data in any setting, across all project types.

Solutions for Ambient Air Measurements

Measure air pollution in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. 2B Tech instruments are designed to be lightweight and to operate reliably with minimal power requirements, opening the door for a wider variety of applications in pollution monitoring and atmospheric research.

Air Monitoring Solutions for Communities & Education

Many of our products were designed with students and communities in mind. Easy to use, our handheld monitors and fixed-site air quality monitoring systems are ideal for engaging non-experts while providing meaningful data to monitor, study, and understand local air quality issues as well as air quality inside homes, classrooms, and other indoor spaces.

Certified Air monitoring Solutions for Government

We are dedicated to the development of robust, high-precision analytical instruments for atmospheric and environmental measurements. Our ambient ozone instruments are designated Federal Equivalent Methods (FEM), as is the NO2 measurement of our Model 405 nm NO2/NO/NOx Monitor. Our instruments are used for monitoring and field research by many government agencies, such as NOAA, EPA, the US Forest Service, and local governmental organizations.

monitoring solutions for industrial processes

Measure trace gases and dissolved ozone in industrial settings and processes with specialized 2B Tech products. The compact size, robustness, and ease-of-use make our instruments ideal for industrial applications. We offer enclosures on several products specifically for industrial applications, OEM versions that can be incorporated into existing systems, and features such as multi-channel options and relays for process signaling.

Air Monitoring Solutions for Oil & Gas Production

Exploration and development of fossil fuel resources can lead to the release of volatile gases and pollutants that affect air quality for workers, as well as communities in the broader surrounding area. 2B Tech makes instruments for fixed-site as well as mobile and personal monitoring of air pollutants and airborne mercury.

Precise & Accurate measurements for Research

We are dedicated to the development of robust analytical instruments for research applications. We specialize in instruments for measurements of ozone, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, mercury, and other chemical species in air. Our goal has always been to use sound science and innovative technology to provide cutting-edge research instrumentation.

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Our flexible systems are compatible with just about any air quality problem. No matter the project, we’ll help you build out the perfect solution.

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