A Range of Solutions for your air monitoring projects

Our patented technology spans everything from outdoor and indoor applications to ozone monitoring and industrial hygiene. We’ve helped air monitoring professionals and community groups all over the world find the perfect solution to their air monitoring needs.

Ambient Ozone Monitors

2B Tech’s highly portable ozone monitors are Federal Equivalent Methods (FEM) for ozone, and they have long been used for ambient air monitoring applications. Because of their low power requirements, compact size, and low weight, 2B Tech ambient ozone instruments and packages are widely used in remote locations and on platforms where deployment of conventional air monitoring instruments is not possible.

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Industrial Ozone Monitors

2B Tech’s lineup of ozone monitors are workhorses for a variety of industrial applications that require the measurement of ozone in air or dissolved in water. 2B Tech’s calibrators can deliver precise concentrations of ozone for use in industrial research or for calibrating monitoring equipment.

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Multi-Pollutant Systems

2B Tech offers versatile and convenient air quality monitoring systems for measuring multiple air pollutants with one instrument. Extend the range of possible applications by incorporating our state-of-the-art FEM ozone and NOx technology with other manufacturers’ instruments and sensors to give a wider suite of measurements – offering air quality monitoring and research capabilities using the “Best of the Best” on the market today.

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Other Monitors

2B Tech’s other monitors include innovative instruments for the measurement of NO2/NO/NOx, mercury, and black carbon in air. 2B Tech’s technology utilizes unique features that are not available anywhere else on the market today, such as absolute methods that require much less power than traditional methods and make it possible for portable measurements.

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2B Tech’s calibrators deliver precise concentrations of pollutants for use in calibrating monitoring equipment, vegetation pollutant exposure experiments, rubber testing using ozone exposure, and a variety of other applications.

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Calibration & Repair Service

It is critical to service your instrument annually to ensure the most accurate data collection. Be sure to return your instruments for calibration and testing prior to your next field experiment.

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Our flexible systems are compatible with just about any air quality problem. No matter the project, we’ll help you build out the perfect solution.

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