The archive of all product documentation for the 2B Tech Model 108 Series of Ozone Monitors.

Operation Manual

Quick Start Guide: Model 108-L Ozone Monitor

Model 108-L Ozone Monitor

Model 108-H Ozone Monitor


Model 108-L Drawings


Model 108-L Ozone Monitor

Application Notes

Mobile and Stationary Air Monitoring with the Model 108-L

Ozone Disinfection Application of the Model 108-L

Relevant Tech Notes

TN #Title
001Comparison of Specifications for High Precision Ozone Monitors
010Explanation of Temperature and Pressure Corrections in Ozone Measurements of Mixing Ratios
015Recommended Calibration Procedure for 2B Tech Ozone Monitorsâ„¢
040UV-Absorbing Interferences in Ozone Monitors
045Using the Relays on the Model 106 Ozone Monitors