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Increase Your Air Quality Impact: The 2B Tech Ozone Module + Clarity
2B Tech has adapted our AQLite Basic Air Monitoring Package and made it compatible with Clarity's nodes. It has never been easier to make FEM-quality ozone measurements in remote locations while being able to access the data from anywhere in the world.

2B Tech and Clarity reCEntly participated in a joint webinar highlighting the Ozone Module and other off-the-grid deployments of our ozone monitors

Ozone is a criteria air pollutant with serious impacts on human health, but significant gaps exist in our ozone monitoring infrastructure worldwide. That’s why 2B Tech and Clarity have partnered to introduce the Ozone Module, which provides accurate measurements of ozone in air over a wide dynamic range down to a few parts-per-billion

The webinar took place on October 26th, 2023 and covered the following topics

  • An introduction to ozone as an air pollutant, including its atmospheric chemistry, sources, and health impacts
  • Why air quality management agencies and air monitoring projects should prioritize ozone measurement
  • The wide range of potential applications for ozone instrumentation, especially in the urban environment
  • How deploying additional ground-level ozone monitoring stations improves our capacity to effectively forecast ozone trends and minimize exposure to this harmful pollutant
  • The science behind 2B Tech’s best-in-class ozone measurement technology, based on the well-established technique of absorption of ultraviolet light at 254 nm.
  • How researchers, environmental agencies, and other organizations have used 2B Tech’s ozone measurement technology in real-world applications
  • How the Ozone Module integrates seamlessly into Clarity’s air quality monitoring platform

missed the webinar? No problem!

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