The archive of all product documentation for the 2B Tech Model UV-106-W Aqueous Ozone Monitor

NOTICE: We no longer manufacture the Model UV-106-W Aqueous Ozone Monitor. However, we still offer service/support for instruments in the field.

Operation Manuals

Model 106-W Ozone Monitor

Model UV-106-W Quick Start Manual


Model 106-W Ozone Monitor


Model 106-W Ozone Monitor

Relevant Tech Notes

TN #Title
007Use of Tera Term Pro and Hyperterminal to Collect and Download Data
034Replacement of UV Lamp Assembly in Model 106-L and Model 106-M Ozone Monitorsâ„¢ (Applies to 106-W as well)
036Procedure for Programming Model 106 Ozone Monitorsâ„¢
038Procedure for Installing a Bluetooth Device and Breakout Board for a Model 106 Series Ozone Monitor
039Programming of Campbell Scientific CR1000 Data Loggers to Allow Serial Communication with 2B Tech Analyzers