AQEarth Project

Empowering Communities to Explore, Map, and Improve Air Quality

The ultimate goal of AQEarth is to develop instrumentation and services that meet the air monitoring needs of participating communities.

AQEarth is a project that aims to work collaboratively with communities to help meet the air monitoring needs of five very different locations.

The project offers local air monitoring (mobile and fixed site equipment) with a range of supporting services including educational and public outreach efforts. 

The AQEarth team works closely with local leadership (regional government, community groups, universities) to:

  • Design a study
  • Identify sites and local partners
  • Deploy equipment and provide training
  • Provide outreach and education support
  • Create a sustainable monitoring system

Funders of the AQEarth Project: AQEarth is funded by a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

The purpose of this grant program is to help small businesses figure out the needs of communities and develop products and services that meet them.


Posted on

October 11, 2023