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Meet our Manufacturing Assistant: Chenda Savath

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Chenda Savath joined 2B Tech as a Manufacturing Assistant in March 2023, and just a few weeks later found herself pitching in to help the company in its move from Boulder to Broomfield, Colorado.  True to her positive outlook, Chenda viewed the packing and unpacking as an opportunity to learn about different parts of the company and quickly build a comradery with her new teammates.  She’s one of the company’s 5 Manufacturing Assistants who build the ~800 instruments the company typically ships each year.

In some ways it seems it was destiny that brought Chenda to 2B Tech.  She loves hands-on work and troubleshooting.  As a kid, she took apart a computer to find out more about it. She started her work at 2B Tech with building some of the component assemblies of the instruments, and quickly graduated to building entire instruments.  (The Model 205 Dual-Beam Ozone Monitor is her personal favorite to build.) There are only a couple of our ~20-instrument lineup that she has not yet built, but it is her goal to build those soon. 

To mark her one-year anniversary with 2B Tech, Chenda took on new responsibilities: final inspections of some of our instruments.  The final inspection is the last step of our instrument quality control, following the steps of manufacture, initial inspection, and calibration.  In “doing finals,” it falls to Chenda to find anything that might have been missed in the process.  She views it as an adventure and a challenge, a “treasure hunt” of sorts.  She says doing the final inspections has helped her learn more about how the instruments work, and what to watch for when she is building the instruments.

Aside from the perfect fit to the job here, Chenda likes the “one big family” vibe of 2B Tech and the diversity of the team members.  The occasional company barbecue lunches are also part of the fun of working here, she notes. 

Chenda grew up in Fresno, California.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to true-crime podcasts, fishing, and volleyball.  Add to that:  wedding planning! She’ll get married next summer. Turns out she and her fiancee were both born in Fresno only two days apart, but never met until they were in Colorado.  Some things are just meant to be.