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Meet our production manager – Logan Miskowiec

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In October 2022, two wishes came true when Logan Miskowiec was hired as 2B Tech’s Production Manager. First, Logan met his goal of finding a new job before his next birthday (he beat it by a day). Second, 2B Tech met its goal of finding a great Production Manager.

And it’s been win-win ever since.  

Logan oversees the production of the over 600+ instruments that go out to customers every year. This involves managing the workflow for the staff of 4 manufacturing assistants, maintaining the inventory of the ~2000 different parts that go into our ~20 different instrument models, and taking steps to ensure the quality of the final products that his team assembles. He’s very much a hands-on manager, often pitching in to make subassemblies that go into the instruments.  

Logan has a degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State University. He worked for 7 years as a Production Supervisor in industrial process settings, starting with an egg-processing plant in Iowa and then moving to Colorado and working for a major manufacturer of plastic bottles for the bottled water industry. 2B Tech is now the direct beneficiary of the leadership skills and process work-flow experience he gained in his previous work. Logan has enjoyed switching to the small-company setting of 2B Tech, and doing work that enables him to make a contribution to environmental issues such as air quality.  

Logan has embraced the Colorado lifestyle, and enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, long-boarding, and playing Magic in his free time. He also knows his way around the kitchen, having spent some of his college years as a cook/chef in a restaurant and in a food truck business. With that and his knowledge of the best craft breweries around town, he definitely contributes more than his share to the 2B Tech gatherings (which he enthusiastically jumps in to help organize). As we said: win-win all around!